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Five Star Ratings & Reviews! "Inspirational!" (BF Footballer). "Was brilliant! Helped me overcome my fears!" (KT Trampolinist). "Great."  "Very professional." (SM Professional football SJFC). "The most important part of any performance or competition isn't the preparation of your skill or craft but rather your mental preparedness and toughness".  This key missing component of performance has been brought to the forefront by the instruction and guidance of Dr McConnochie.  She has helped hundreds of students at DoJo University to unlock a greater potential in their competitions, recitals and performances.  Do not leave the biggest part of your performance to guess work or chance.  Make sure your mind is working for you to help you reach that next level." (DoJo Pipers).  "Fiona McConnochie has been an indispensible part of DoJo University and enriched the piping career of countless students.  If you are unsatisfied with your level in competition or performance, Fiona can help[!" (AJ Piper).  "From goal;-setting to learning focus and concentration, or overcoming negative thinking, Fiona's teachings have been instrumental in changing the way we approach competition and performance". (CD Piper).  "Delivers a world-class service." (IM Highland Dancer).  "Massively helped my confidence and performance improve."  (DK Contemporary Ballet Dancer). "Was great!! Everyone has found it valuable Fiona!!" (L W-G Toronto Police PB).  "Got me from seeded third in the world to seeded number one!" (NB Ladies under 25 Golfer). Be the \Best You Can Be.  Perform Better With Us. 

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